Chandigarh, August 27  – Fearing that text of Guru Granth Sahib could be tinkered with under the pressure from the vested interests,Sikh intellectuals today questioned the intentions behind much publicized project of Delhi Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) for printing of better quality birs ( volumes of Sikh scripture).

   The DSGMC has been advertising rather loudly, that it is purchasing new machinery to print the bir (volume) of Guru Granth Sahib. It is laying great emphasis on the quality of machinery, the colour of the ink, the cost of printing, the etiquette and the protocol it will observe and much more on those trivial lines.

But, strangely, the Committee is mum on the issue of the contents of the bir.

Known antecedents and the subservient role being played by the present controllers of  DSGMC and  Amritsar-based SGPC to the Akali Dal (Badal) inspires no confidence amongst the Sikhs in general and they many smell a rat in the highly advertized project, the Sikh thinkers said in a joint statement.

       “The Sikh sangat (congregation) needs to know well in advance, before purchasing the machinery, the exact text that the DSGMC is going to print. Many issues regarding the text need to be discussed as they have been left half-discussed too many times in the past.”

      “The Sikhs apprehend that there could be a plan to interpolate and alter the text of the Guru Granth on the demand of the permanent cultural majority. The Sikhs fear that the text of the Granth will be substantially altered to destroy its originality and the unique structure of the ‘gurbani’, that has kept the Guru Granth interpolation free for the last 415 years. The slightest interpolation at this juncture could open up fresh avenues for further destruction of the pristine text”, the statement added.

    Explaining the issue further, the statement said by the use of handwritten volumes at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, the SGPC has already achieved the goal of limited interpolation. Basic structure of the Gurbani has been already been tinkered with surreptitiously. The colour of Nishan Sahib and siropa cloth has been changed in defiance of the Sikh sangat. The usual congregations of the Sikhs at Manji Sahib has been discontinued.

       In the present circumstances, the Sikhs demand that at least ten copies of the text to be finally printed, be made available at various places immediately. Interpolated, altered ‘birs’ will be the ultimate blasphemy more reprehensible than the one that happened at Bargari in 2015. This must not be allowed to happen at any cost.

       The issue of printing the scripture that is simultaneously the eternal living Guru, is too serious a matter to be left to self-seeking greedy politicians, murderous charlatans, and lying, puny ‘high priests’ .

       The Sikh intellectuals appealed to the international Sikh people to put together a multinational body of  learned Sikhs to supervise and control the printing of Guru Granth Sahib.

Prominent among those who attended meeting of Punjab Forum and signed  the joint statement were: Gurtej Singh IAS, Professor Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon, S. Jaspal Singh Sidhu Journalist, S. Sukhdev Singh Journalist, and S. Gurpreet Singh spokesman Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Prof Kulbir Singh, Dr Gurmej Singh, Dr Jagdeep Singh, Prof Bhupinder Singh, Prof Kulwinder Singh , Gurbachan Singh Jalandhar and eminent writer Rajwinder Singh Rahi.

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