Chandigarh, 28 Feb (2019) Punjab has witnessed and experienced a lot of devastation and bloodshed right from the days of Partition of 1947 to be followed by the 1965 and 1971 wars between India and Pakistan, now, the Punjabis bordering Pakistan do not want them to be pushed into another senseless violence as present skirmishes could turn out to be a full-fledged war between two neighbours.

In the modern age, particularly when India and Pakistan have become nuclear states with acquiring the enormous capacity of destruction the whipping of mass war hysteria has clearly demonstrated the rise of suicidal tendencies rather than sagaciousness among those who are at the helm of affairs. Now the urgency demands that cooler heads among Indian and Pakistan rulers must prevail upon war-mongers as war has not only been anachronistic but it has never been an ideal option to resolve disputes among the countries.

We should not be swept away by jingoism and ultra-nationalism whipped up by Indian media and some vested political interests with an eye to create a ‘vote-bank’ in the run-up to the Parliamencreatingolls among gullible people who are baying for blood and want revenge without realizing human cost of misadventure of war.

Undoubtedly, Punjab, a border state will become the theatre of armed hostilities if war breaks between India and Pakistan and visualizing such probability Punjabis- mainly Sikhs—living along the international border have already started looking for an alternative refuge. Punjab government officials have already imposed back-out and other preventive measures in border villages.

We appeal to saner elements in Punjab as well as in the country that in the interest of common people and peace they should dissuade the upper caste privileged elite from cheering up the prospects of war between Indian and Pakistan.

The signatories to the joint statement included Gurtej Singh IAS, Prof Gurdarashan Singh Dhillon, Chandigarh’s Institute of Sikh Studies president Gurpreet Singh, Senior journalists Jaspal Singh Sidhu and CM Singh and Gurbachan Singh, editor, Des Punjab.

Issue by

Khushhal Singh , General Secretary,  Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha


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